‘NCIS: LA’s Medalion Rahimi & Caleb Castille on 2020 & the Holidays (VIDEO)

High-octane military crime drama NCIS: Los Angeles‘ two newest characters are rookie agents Fatima Namazi (Medalion Rahimi) and Devin Rountree (Caleb Castille). Both newbies have had juicy storylines: she’s helped take down a terrorist cell and, on an overseas operation, was captured and held for ransom; he’s gone undercover as a bodyguard and proved himself on a mission to Afghanistan.

When paired up on cases, their smarts and rapid-fire banter make for highly entertaining crime fighting.

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This next step has been a long time coming for the former LAPD liaison.

We chat with the actors about their far more chill holiday plans, what they loved on TV this year, and more. Los Angeles native Rahimi reveals the festive movie she watches with her mom that makes her feel “cozy.” She also shares that SNL delivered one of her favorite TV moments of 2020. “SNL has been killing it with the socio-political commentary this year; ther’s a lot to talk about!” she says.

Castille remembers the epic religious-themed films of his childhood Christmases and shares that as a kid, he and his grand-mom used to watch The David Letterman Show; Castille’s now a fan of the comedian/host’s Netflix series. “He interviews polarizing figures, and you find out, ‘This person isn’t too far from how I am,'” Castille says.

Both actors are hoping for more of that understanding and unity in 2021. As for what’s coming up for them on NCIS LA, Castille promises, we can expect, “lots of excitement, lots of action.”

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