‘General Hospital’s Laura Wright Talks Sonny & a Potential Christmas Miracle

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The Corinthos clan has been through much this year on General Hospital — most recently, Sonny (Maurice Benard) was on a bridge with a deceased Julian (William deVry) and part of it broke off, sending Sonny to possibly join Julian in that great soap in the sky.

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Is a holiday miracle in the making? In the episode airing December 23, Carly [Laura Wright] leans on BFF Jason [Steve Burton] and ex-husband Jax [Ingo Rademacher] as she tries to make sure her children have a happy holiday despite the potential tragedy. TV Insider chats with Wright to find out if the Corinthos family will get some coal in their stockings or if a miracle will occur! Read on for the scoop.

Right now, Carly’s not sure where Sonny is or if he’s OK. Not surprisingly, she’s leaning on Jason for support. What does it mean to have him be there for her?

Laura Wright It’s everything. At first, Carly’s like, “Sonny will come home. He can swim. He’s fine. Right?” She’s looking to Jason for strength and for answers. She feels that as long as they’re searching for him, he’s got to be alive. As long as Carly has Jason, she has faith.

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Carly has to keep Christmas going even though she’s understandably concerned about Sonny. How will she keep her kids from worrying about Sonny?

They don’t know for sure what’s going on. This is Michael’s [Chad Duell] first Christmas with Wiley [Theo and Erik Olson], and Carly will not ruin that. She’s not going to dump this on them. She and Jason will handle [the worst-case scenario] when they have to. But not tonight. Sonny would want them to handle things this way.

Who can best help her as she tries to keep it all together?

Jax. I say that because Michael’s got a lot going on with Wiley and Sasha [Sofia Mattsson] and Willow [Katelyn MacMullen]. Joss [Eden McCoy] is 18 and in her own world. She has her little sisters Donna and Avery [Ava and Grace Scarola] to [keep her busy]. The only other person [to turn to] is Jax. He knows when Carly’s deflecting and when she’s trying to compensate.

What role does Jax play in Carly’s life? We saw earlier this year he gave her guidance on how to handle Nelle’s [Chloe Lanier] death.

I wouldn’t say “guidance.” [Laughs] He told her to lie!

How would you describe their relationship?

They are great exes and are extremely honest with each other. Jason’s family. He’s her foundation. Jax is…he has no problem calling her on her stuff. He can be gentle about it. Jax is the voice of truth. He knows Carly so well. He can say to her, “What are you up to? Nice try. I don’t think so.” And vice-versa. She knows Jax. She knows that he’s a great, honest guy. There’s respect and she feels protective towards him. She feels he should have the best of everything.

It’s interesting that Carly actually likes Willow. That’s not always the case.

Carly thinks Willow is the sweetest, nicest thing on the planet. I’m sure Carly is wondering if she is even real. Who wouldn’t want Willow for a daughter-in-law? She knows that Willow stepped up and helped Michael win custody of Wiley. Carly liked Sasha, too. She knows that Sasha gave up everything for Wiley. Carly tells her, “I will always be in debt to you [for that].” Carly feels these are both nice girls.

Which came first — holiday decorations on the show or yours in real life?

Oh, the show’s! We’re always shooting Christmas ahead of time. As a matter of fact, I have a beautiful tree in my house that I copied off a tree I saw in Jax’s house. After I saw it, I sent our set designer a message asking, “Where did you get the trees?” So, I have Jax’s tree – not as tall – in my home. It’s a driftwood funky, huge Christmas tree.

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Sonny and Carly’s foundation is stronger than ever given all they’ve endured this year. How did losing Mike [Max Gail] strengthen them?

That’s a good question. I think it brought them together in a deep friendship Bad and family way. When you’re together watching someone take their last breaths, it connects you. They watched Mike deteriorate and pass on. They also have a baby Donna [born in 2019] and they’ve fought other people to keep their family safe. Carly and Sonny are now on a level that’s just different from where they were in the past. I don’t know how you [create conflict] for that. I think Sonny going missing, as he has, is the only way it could have happened.

The police are going to show up with some information before the holiday is over. Will it be bad news?

I can say that there’s some information delivered to Carly, but it may not be the information she is looking to hear.

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