WWE’s Top 5 Santa Claus Moments in the Pro-Wrestling Ring

Santa Claus WWE

The Man in the Red Suit himself has been known to travel from the North Pole for a visit or two to the WWE Universe around Christmas time. Through these trips haven’t always provided the jolliest outcome, we’re getting into the holiday spirit by revisiting some of Santa Claus’ best moments in the pro wrestling ring. So, grab your milk and cookies and see which Santas made our naughty and nice list.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin Stuns Santa

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin was red hot in 1997. Austin was so popular with fans that he could even beat up Kris Kringle and receive adulation for it. One could even argue that the WWE Hall of Famer had good reason to take down the big guy during the December 22, 1997 edition of Raw. Santa had been naughty himself — kicking a child out of the ring while he was expecting the blond bombshell Sable to join him. Enter Austin, who came to the ring to question if Santa was the real deal. Austin’s finishing move to the faux Father Christmas was the Stunner heard round the world.

Santa Gets Run Over by Alberto Del Rio

The Christmas Eve 2012 edition of Raw saw Santa delivering gifts to the good boys and girls in the arena. Then, out of nowhere, the devious Alberto Del Rio drives his fancy white BMW in — and runs over the beloved figure! Adding insult to injury, a nearby Christmas tree fell on St. Nick as well. It was a scene that left even Del Rio in a state of shock after committing what claimed was an accident. His personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, stood in tears while Santa was stretchered out. Santa did give a thumbs up to let the people know he was going to be OK, though. Later in the night, John Cena would not let Del Rio’s heinous act go unpunished, competing in a “Miracle on 34th Street Fight.” Santa was revealed to be Mick Foley, who returned to hit Rodriguez with his sack… and even get some revenge on Del Rio too.

The Battle for Christmas

Damien Sandow would’ve made Billy Bob Thornton‘s Bad Santa Willie proud during the December 23, 2013 edition of Raw as his own “Bad Santa.” During a backstage segment the week prior, he told a child who sat on his lap that there wouldn’t be any presents this year and that Christmas was canceled. Luckily, for the kids, there was still hope, as “Good Santa” Mark Henry set out to make things right. Henry and Sandow’s match put the fate of Christmas on the line. The “World’s Strongest Man” saved the day by defeating Sandow and adding insult to injury by stuffing a pan of cupcakes into his face. Talk about a sweet victory.

Santa Cena Gives the Boss an Attitude Adjustment

Vince McMahon came off as a real Grinch during the 2007 Tribute to the Troops, which aired on Christmas Eve. The WWE chairman told the crowd, made up of the military at Camp Victory in Iraq, that Santa was not coming. Miraculously, Mr. Claus did appear, accusing McMahon of sabotaging his sleigh. He suggested the boss has always been a bad boy. The voice of this Santa sounded familiar and ended up being John Cena under the white beard. The superstar wouldn’t let an earlier injury stop him from making the trip as a surprise. Despite having his arm in a sling, Cena managed to deliver his trademark “Attitude Adjustment” maneuver on McMahon to the delight of the brave men and women in uniform.

Santa Heenan Pays the Piper

Bobby Heenan hosted alongside Gorilla Monsoon dressed as Santa throughout the Christmas edition of Prime Time Wrestling in 1989. “The Brain” wore the suit begrudgingly and went as far as to say the holiday icon was a sham. He basically told the kids watching at home there was no Santa Claus. Roddy Piper, a guest on the show, had enough of Heenan’s antics after verbally sparring with him during the program. The “Hot Rod” beat the stuffing out of the imposter Santa. It’s a moment still talked about more than 30 years later.

The clips and shows referenced are available on the WWE Network for your Yuletide enjoyment.