‘Bull’s Geneva Carr: Bull & Benny Are There for Marissa When She Goes to Court (VIDEO)

“It is 2020,” Geneva Carr points out when TV Insider caught up with her ahead of the December 14 episode of Bull. In it, her character, Marissa, is in federal court when she and her estranged husband Greg (David Furr) are charged with money laundering and fraud connected to his restaurant.

But hey, at least she has her TAC (Trial Analysis Corporation) colleagues and friends, Dr. Jason Bull (Michael Weatherly) and lawyer Benny Colón (Freddy Rodriguez), by her side. The relationship we’ll see in “The Ex Factor” mirrors that off-screen.

“They’re very brotherly, they’re my advisors. I feel like they took over those roles in this episode and really helped Marissa navigate the possible end of her marriage and her future,” Carr previews. “It’s an emotional time for her, and those guys are always there for her.”

In fact, expect to see just how strong that friendship is between Jason and Marissa. We’ll see “what it really means to stick your neck out for someone,” she says.

As for the fact that Greg’s name is on Marissa’s co-op, as mentioned in the last episode? Well, Carr has some advice on that. Watch the video above for that and the possibility of happiness coming her character’s way.

And for a sneak peek at just how Bull and Benny plan to be there for Marissa — by representing Greg —watch the video below. “We control the narrative. We control the message,” Benny explains. While their aim is protect both Marissa and Greg, Bull has to ask: “Can the two of you sit in a room and work together on this?” See for yourself:

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