‘FBI’: What Do You Think of Maggie’s New Romance? (POLL)

Missy Peregrym as Maggie Bell in FBI, Season 3 Premiere
Spoiler Alert
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Season 3 premiere of FBI, “Never Trust a Stranger.”]

Maggie Bell (Missy Peregrym), who returned to the FBI team in the Season 3 premiere Tuesday, November 17, is holding back more than the details of her undercover assignment (though she does share some details with her partner, OA, played by Zeeko Zaki) — she’s also keeping quiet about her new relationship.

For the most part, Maggie focuses on moving forward. The undercover assignment went “fine,” she says when OA asks. They “got the job done.” They made 16 arrests. She’s just happy to be herself again because “it’s not as glamorous pretending to be somebody 24/7.”

Special Agent Nestor Vertiz (Josh Segarra, who previously recurred in the extended Dick Wolf universe as the son of Jason Beghe’s Sergeant Voight on Chicago P.D.) speaks a bit more warmly of the operation when he meets OA. They “did well,” he says. “Had a lot of fun, too.” (Maggie doesn’t exactly agree.) After, OA asks his partner if Nestor’s a good guy, not just a good agent. “He’s alright, a little too cocky for me,” she says.

If you think “the lady doth protest too much,” you’d be right. After the case has wrapped, Nestor tells Maggie not to beat herself up over something that happened during their undercover assignment when she doesn’t look too excited about receiving a medal. And after checking that OA has his back to them, Nestor kisses her cheek and squeezes her hand. Maggie’s still smiling when she walks away. It looks like Nestor’s part of that “new chapter” she’s looking forward to (she lost her husband prior to the beginning of the series).

While Maggie’s not opening up to OA about thisat, she does reveal she’d had to kill someone while undercover: the wife of a target who panicked on the day the arrests were made and went after an officer with a knife. And that’s clearly still bothering her.

But with all the talk of being someone else while undercover in this episode and Maggie being glad to get back to herself, will that have any effect on her relationship with Nestor? After all, they seem to have gotten to know each other during the op. Only time will tell how that translates now that they’re back.

Plus, Nestor and OA have already clashed during the premiere’s case, which may not be a good sign; Maggie and her partner are close. We’ll have to see what happens when OA finds out about their relationship.

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