‘Secrets of Royal Travel’: Queen Elizabeth & Meghan Markle Ride in Locomotive Style (VIDEO)

If a new season of The Crown isn’t enough to satisfy your royal tastes this November, PBS is offering viewers an inside look at how the British monarchy moves around in style and luxury with Secrets of Royal Travel.

The show, airing over two consecutive Sundays (November 15 and 22) examines the exclusive transport methods used by Queen Elizabeth II and her consorts. In an exclusive sneak peek for the first installment, “Secrets of the Royal Train,” viewers can see the significance of Meghan Markle accompanying the Queen on royal duties via locomotive.

“The palace have strongly asserted that Britain’s most famous locomotive needs to continue as an integral fixture of regal life,” the narrator reveals at the top of the clip. “After 150 years in service and five generations of royals, it still makes quite an entrance.”

The question is, will it remain a popular method of travel for the younger generation? “Well, Meghan’s trip on the train last year was to accompany the Queen,” former Buckingham Palace Spokesman Dickie Arbiter explains. “The Queen was going to Cheshire and the Queen asked Meghan to accompany her, and you don’t say no to the Queen.”

Secrets of the Royal Train PBS

Credit: Courtesy of Lambent Productions

Other royal commentators and historians reveal how the trip represents a symbolic welcome to the family. Learn more about the importance of royal travel within the British monarchy in the clip above, and don’t miss a more in-depth take with the series on PBS.

Secrets of Royal Travel, Premieres Sunday, November 15, 10/9c, PBS