‘Magnum P.I.’s Perdita Weeks Teases Higgins’ New Romance & a Major Threat

Ethan Shah Higgins Magnum PI

A big medical bill is the usual outcome of a hospital visit. An injured Juliet Higgins (Perdita Weeks) walks away with something better in the Hawaii-set drama’s third-season premiere — a new romance!

After she’s shot while on a dangerous case with her private eye partner, Thomas Magnum (Jay Hernandez), Higgins has a meet-cute with her dashing trauma surgeon, Ethan Shah (Marvel’s Daredevil‘s Jay Ali, above left, with Stephen Hill, Zachary Knighton, Hernandez, and Weeks), on Magnum P.I. The smitten Brit makes the first move. “Higgins is in a slightly drug-induced state, so she hits on him,” Weeks says with a laugh.

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'Magnum P.I.': How Will Magnum React When Cupid Strikes Higgins?

Plus, exec producer Eric Guggenheim teases Higgins as Magnum's new boss.

Magnum is not amused. On top of his complicated feelings for his partner, he fears this distraction will impact their work together. “Magnum is happy for her, but he has to share Higgins, which is a dynamic we haven’t seen before,” she says.

Another change: Higgins was gifted the sprawling Robin’s Nest estate to satisfy her naturalization issues, so she’s now Magnum’s boss (he heads up the property’s security). “She doesn’t waste the opportunity to hammer that issue home,” Weeks teases.

All bantering aside, they’ll continue to have each other’s back, like when Magnum realizes he’s being tailed by a mysterious figure in the opener. “Higgins is concerned. Magnum is literally losing sleep over this potential threat,” she says. “It’s going to turn into something quite major.”

Magnum P.I., Season Premiere, Friday, December 4, 9/8c, CBS