‘Transplant’: Bash & Mags Race to Fix a Dangerous Divide in Episode 7 (VIDEO)

Drs. Bashir “Bash” Hamed (Hamza Haq) and Magalie “Mags” Leblanc (Laurence Leboeuf) have their hands full with a patient who doesn’t speak English in this TV Insider exclusive sneak peek of Transplant that airs Tuesday, October 20.

In the clip for “Far From Home,” the the doctors team up to treat a man who collapsed at the airport — but it won’t be easy. His “ID says Chinese national. He was on a flight from Beijing,” an EMT informs the good docs. So while Bash wants to reassure the patient that everything will be fine, first he needs to find a translator who can speak the man’s regional dialect.

Watch the video above to find out whose name and phone number the patient has on him and, to see what Mags notices on his arm.

Elsewhere in the episode, Bash wants to make things right with Amira (Sirena Gulamgaus) after their lives are turned upside down once again. At the end of the previous episode, you may recall, he and his sister arrived home to find their things out on the lawn.

Transplant, Tuesdays, 10/9c, NBC