First Look: ‘Fear TWD’ Cast Teases ‘Coolest Walkers’ Ever in Season 6 (VIDEO)

The characters of AMC’s zombie drama Fear The Walking Dead may be separated for most of Season 6, but we know one place you’ll be able to catch the cast together.

On Friday, October 16 at 8/7c, join cast members Lennie James (Morgan), Alycia Debnam-Carey (Alicia), Colman Domingo (Strand), Colby Minifie (Virginia), Alexa Nisenson (Charlie) and newcomer Zoe Colletti (who plays Virginia’s little sis Dakota), and moderator, TV Insider’s own Emily Aslanian, for a panel discussing the second installment of the new season. This event, from ATX TV… From the Couch!, features a special advance screening of the episode, titled “Welcome to the Club,” before the chat that you won’t want to miss.

In the Season 6 premiere, viewers got to see what happened to Morgan after his finale encounter with baddie Virginia, who shot the group’s leader, leaving him for dead. Let’s just say, Morgan is definitely a survivor. In this week’s episode, directed by James, the action centers on do-gooders Strand and Alicia, who have been living in a Pioneer settlement are tasked with clearing a warehouse for Virginia. Will they stick to the straight and narrow? Or will they find a way to use this opportunity to their advantage — or even to escape?

During the panel, Debnam-Carey and Domingo, along with the rest of the cast, discuss their characters’ motivations and why they do what we’ll see them do (no spoilers — till the screening, at least!). Meanwhile, James discusses his first time directing for television, and what it was like to be behind the camera.

The gang also touches upon the many different types of walkers encountered on the series (“Welcome to the Club” features some particularly sticky molasses-covered dead). But Debnam-Carey previews a whole different set of even more exciting walkers on the way. “I actually get another episode that has by far the coolest walkers you have seen — period — on both shows,” she notes. “There was a day on set where I was like, gobsmacked, walking around, touching them, taking photos. They looked really, really good.”


Check out the exclusive first look above, and don’t forget to tune in for the event at and follow @ATXFestival on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for future events.

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