‘Black and White’: Christian Finnegan and Ann Coulter Play ‘The Newlyfriend Game’

Sherrod Small, Christian Finnegan and Ann Coulter on Black and White

When Sherrod Small told us in an interview last week that he knows everybody, he wasn’t joking. On Wednesday night’s episode of Black and White, the comedy talk show he hosts with Christian Finnegan, Ann Coulter is a guest, and it pretty much blows Finnegan’s mind that the two of them are friends.

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Coulter has surprised us before; despite her inflammatory rhetoric, it seems like comedians like Bill Maher have understood that what she’s doing is more performance art than anything else. The hosts ask her about Donald Trump, of course, but they also play a game called “The Newlyfriend Game,” where Christian tries to guess Coulter’s favorite president and song, among other things. The game definitely helps define what Finnegan really thinks of his guest, which is probably the least surprising aspect of the entire clip.

Watch our exclusive clip below:

Black and White, Wednedays, 10:30/9:30c, A&E.