‘Paranormal Nightshift’ Shares Horrifying Tales From the Graveyard Shift

Paranormal Nightshift S01 maintenance man host
Courtesy of Travel Channel

Night is something we lock the door against. Those who work the graveyard shift must venture into the darkness while the rest of us sleep safely. Is it any wonder that their work so often includes paranormal encounters?

Terrifying tales of nighttime hauntings are told in Travel Channel’s new series Paranormal Nightshift, beginning Wednesday, August 12.

Paranormal Nightshift S01 maintenance man

Courtesy of Travel Channel

Each hour-long episode tells three horrifying stories of paranormal encounters during the night shift. By day the workplace is rational and efficient, but at night these same offices, hotels, eateries and even open highways become the domain of ghosts, demons and the inexplicable.

In the first story, “Night Radio,” a radio host working the overnight shift is confronted with two full blown apparitions, one spewing blood and the other one stalking him.

Paranormal Nightshift S01

Courtesy of Travel Channel

Next, “Lady in Red” tells of a restaurant owner’s confrontation with the spirit of a lovelorn woman on Valentine’s Day, followed by “Spirit Alley” where ghostly footsteps and disembodied voices haunt an empty bowling alley at night.

Paranormal Nightshift, Premiere, Wednesday, August 12, 10/9c, Travel Channel