‘AGT’ Wraps Auditions & Goes Virtual: 8 Best Acts (VIDEO)

America's Got Talent Season 15 Episode 7 Best Auditions
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“The show must go on,” America’s Got Talent judge Howie Mandel says in Tuesday’s episode. “Regardless of how many people are here, there’s always something up there that’s worth watching.”

It’s the final night of auditions, with most taking place without an audience due to the pandemic and the rest done virtually, for which Heidi Klum rejoined fellow judges Simon Cowell, Mandel, and Sofia Vergara and host Terry Crews.

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All of 'America's Got Talent's Golden Buzzers of Season 15

Find out who the judges and host have sent on to the live rounds.

Relive the eight most memorable auditions from the night, from music to puppetry to dogs.

Lightwave Theatre Company

They like to give people hope with their life-size puppetry stories, and they did just that, with one of a girl meting a stray dog that ends up saving her life. The judges liked the song (Ruelle’s “Carry You”) and got into the touching performance. “It was wonderful. The story was sweet,” Mandel said before they sent them on.

Kameron Ross

The singer revealed there was less interest in his music in Texas after he came out. “This is such a great opportunity for me to show other people like me it is possible to do this in the country music industry,” he told the judges before performing “Red Dirt Road” by Brooks & Dunn. Cowell stopped him and asked him to sing a cappella. After, he said there was “something very memorable” about him and it was “one of [his] favorite auditions of the day.” He’s moving on.

John Hastings

The stand-up comedian began his act by noting that he doesn’t look his age (34), just that he’s “been through stuff.” He went on to detail how the world has changed (for example, the opinion of someone with a neck tattoo) and borrowing money from parents. Mandel liked that he went with the flow of no audience. “I think your career is on an upward swing,” he said. The judges all said yes.

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An 'AGT' First & 7 More Memorable Auditions Without an Audience (VIDEO)

The first spoken word artist and stand-up comedians were the highlights of the latest auditions.

Jefferson Davis High Band

The director introduced his students and noted music is an escape for them. From the entrance and throughout the performance, the marching band had the judges’ attention. (Cowell told Vergara during it he wished they had an audience.) “That was just fantastic. Great talent,” Cowell said. “It had everything you would want from a great audition.” They’re going on to the next round.

Sheldon Riley

After performing Billie Eilish’s “idontwannabeyouanymore,” he introduced himself. The singer said he didn’t talk that much and people didn’t want to talk to him or cared until he began performing. “This helped me find myself,” Sheldon shared. “You have an amazing voice,” Mandel noted before they all said yes.

The rest of these auditions were virtual:

Chris & Sid

The graphic designer hoped that by winning AGT, he could start an equine therapy program for people with disabilities. His dog joined in as he sang “Look at You Girl.” “It was very heart-warming,” Vergara said. Klum thought America would fall in love with them. He got four — five, counting Cowell’s dog — yeses.

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Alexis Brownley

The eight-year-old put on a show and had her dogs jumping (rope, too!) and crawling through her backyard. “I love your energy,” Vergara said. Cowell called her “a brilliant little dog trainer.” She’s moving on to the next round.

Max Major

The mentalist had the judges — and everyone watching — participate in his act. That included Vergara with a deck of cards, and he had her find a card that “speaks to her.” He already did so as well and showed his card: the same as hers. The judges praised his act and presentation and said yes.

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