Which Countries Get the Best and Worst Deals on Netflix?

Netflix Offices Sunset Boulevard
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If you’ve ever used Netflix while traveling abroad, you might have noticed that the streaming giant’s library varies by region. Turns out, the price of a Netflix subscription varies wildly, as well, so viewers in one country might get far more Netflix bang for their buck than viewers in another, so to speak.

To determine which countries get the best and worst Netflix deals, the frugal living blog SavingSpot combined data on Netflix prices, Netflix libraries, and average incomes from around the world. Check out some of the most dramatic highs and lows below.

Netflix Prices Per Title World Map

Netflix offers the best value in Colombia, where the basic plan yields 4,282 titles for the price of 16,900 pesos, about $4.14, per month. That’s the equivalent of 10 titles per U.S. cent.

Netflix offers the worst value in Angola, where the basic plan only yields 391 titles for the price of USD 7.99, or 2 U.S. cents per title. In fact, Angola has the fewest Netflix titles of all countries surveyed.

Relative to the U.S. dollar, Netflix is most affordable in Turkey, with the basic plan priced at 17.99 Turkish lira, about $2.78, per month.

Relative to the U.S. dollar, Netflix is least affordable in Switzerland, where the basic plan is priced at 11.90 Swiss francs, about $12.40, per month.

Netflix Prices Based on Salary World Map

Relative to local wages, Netflix is most affordable in Monaco, where it costs 0.06% of the average Monegasque monthly paycheck. (And yes, “Monegasque” is a word.)

Relative to local wages, Netflix is least affordable in Burundi, where the basic plan costs more than 45% of the average Burundian monthly paycheck.

By the way, the United States has the most Netflix titles out of all the countries studied, narrowly eking out Canada. But Canada’s basic plan is one U.S. dollar cheaper than its American counterpart.

For the rest of SavingSpot’s data, check out the sortable table below.