You’re Guaranteed Goose Bumps Watching ‘The Vast of Night’ on Prime Video

The Vast of Night Amazon Prime Video

“Hello…?” Lost phone connections and sudden bursts of static have never sounded eerier than in this chilling sci-fi film, a throwback to classic Twilight Zone episodes.

In 1950s New Mexico, teen Fay (breakout Sierra McCormick) is working the night shift as a telephone operator when she hears a strange series of sounds while talking to a caller. Curious, she loops in her friend, local radio DJ Everett (Jake Horowitz), who broadcasts the audio on the air and asks listeners to help identify the noise.

Before long, a mysterious caller who goes by Billy recounts a creepy story on-air that sends Fay and Everett on a frantic search for the source. No spoilers here, but we will say this: Goose bumps guaranteed.

The Vast of Night, Movie Premiere, Friday, May 29