Warner Bros. TV Stars Snapchat Their Way to Comic-Con

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warner bros. snapchat

Comic-Con International officially kicks off Wednesday in San Diego with a Preview Night that resembles the alien attack from Independence Day. Lots of running, screaming, crowds pushing each other and, if we’re lucky, at least a few plucky dogs jumping out of harm’s way. After that, the annual geek gathering goes into overdrive with a plethora of screenings, signings and panels for everything from How to Draw Hello Kitty to The Physics of Lightsaber Maintenance.

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On Saturday, Warner Bros. TV pretty much takes over the convention with a day of panels devoted to their TV properties, including The 100, iZombie, Blindspot, Supergirl, Gotham and the upcoming Powerless and Riverdale. To ramp up the excitement, some of the studio’s top stars strapped on their favorite Snapchat filters for a colorful invitation to the fans who are most likely already in line for Ballroom 20. Check it out.