‘Last Man Standing’: Mike Enlists Joe’s Help for the Chili Cook-Off (VIDEO)

Last Man Standing continues tonight on Fox with a very special competition taking place at Mike Baxter’s (Tim Allen) Outdoorman store.

In “Chili Chili Bang Bang,” Mike and Chuck (Jonathan Adams) compete for the top prize in Outdoorman’s Annual Chili Cook-Off. We have an exclusive sneak peek at the fiery competition between them in a clip from the episode.

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When Chuck reveals that he’s dropping out of the competition, Mike is dumbfounded and understandably suspicious. “You can’t quit,” Mike argues, to which Chuck insists he’s not.

“I’m retiring as champion, and to tell you the truth, I’ve only stayed in this long to motivate you to raise your game,” Chuck shares.

Last Man Standing

(Credit: Michael Becker / FOX)

“You know what you remind me of? Is old canned chili. Gassy and full of beans,” Mike counters. Joe (Jay Leno) then reveals that the motivation worked, calling this year’s round of chili “magnificent” versus the previous year’s being “meh.”

After some bickering between the friends, Chuck brushes this off and walks away, while Mike takes the opportunity to recruit Joe for some help. “I’m gonna have you gather some information” Mike informs Joe. How that will go? No one knows for sure, but don’t forget to tune in and find out.

Check out the clip above and catch Last Man Standing on Fox.

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