Laila Ali & Bill Bellamy Join ‘S.W.A.T.’ for a Kidnapping Case in the Boxing World (VIDEO)

Deacon’s (Jay Harrington) two jobs collide in Wednesday’s episode of S.W.A.T.

TV Insider has exclusive sneak peeks of the special guest stars connected (at least tangentially, for one of them) to the team’s case. In “Knockout,” Deacon’s second job working private security at a high profile boxing match puts the team in the middle of a kidnapping case after a prize fighter’s wife is taken.

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The actress opens up about working with Shemar Moore again and teases what's next for Nichelle and Hondo.

Former professional boxer and four-time world champion Laila Ali guest stars as herself providing commentary on a professional fight, and in the first clip, sportscaster Norman Nixon asks her opinion on a fighter’s comeback. Watch above to get details from the team on the case, including the ransom demand.

Also appearing in this episode is Bill Bellamy as Jackie Shaw, a Don King-esque boxing promoter. And in the second clip, he’s ended up on SWAT’s radar as a suspect. Did he place any bets or have anyone place one for him?

“Can’t we allow folks the chance to start fresh?” Jackie asks Hondo (Shemar Moore) and Luca (Kenny Johnson). Watch the clip above to see Hondo’s reaction.

On the personal front, “Knockout” sees Hondo’s young charge, Darryl (Deshae Frost), become frustrated with his lack of paternal rights regarding his infant son. Plus, Tan (David Lim) prepares to introduce his girlfriend, Bonnie (Karissa Lee Staples), to his critical mother.

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