The ‘Broad City’ Girls Peep on Chris Hemsworth on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ (VIDEO)

Abbi and Ilana on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, the stars of the Comedy Central hit Broad City, just want to give the people what they want and will go to hilarious lengths to do so. Boy, did they prove it last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Jimmy’s opening monologue was interrupted by a ruckus Glazer and Jacobson created from trying to drill a  hole into a wall so they can see into Chris Hemsworth’s dressing room and “peep his penis.”

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The girls declared they’re doing this to empower women and “flip the script,” but Jimmy worried about the potential legal ramifications. Abbi had zero interest in Kimmel’s concerns and told him to, “SHUT UP!” Ilana got the audience on her side because she knows people of all genders want to see “the hammer of Thor.”

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Finally, Chris Hemsworth himself punched through the wall and after telling the girls what they’re doing is wrong, he gave them a special gift as a peace offering. Check out the hysterical bit below.

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