How the Trump Impeachment Trial Will Affect Daytime Soaps This Week

general hospital maurice bernard steve burton
ABC/Valerie Durant
General Hospital

Fans of General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless are itching for new episodes of their favorite daytime dramas due to the Trump impeachment trial preempting the shows.

In the confusion of changing schedules and re-airing of episodes, we’re hoping to clear the air for viewers just trying to get their daily soap fix. Below, we’re breaking down what we know about the four main shows so far.

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General Hospital

Currently, the ABC soap isn’t airing any new episodes as the trial takes over TV, but an update to the General Hospital social media pages reveals those episodes are on the way — just when exactly still remains a mystery. “We know you’re ready for new episodes of General Hospital,” star Steve Burton began.

“And we are so excited to show you everything we’ve been working on,” Laura Wright added. “So keep checking social channels for updates and information,” Burton continued. We’ve reached out to ABC for comment, but have yet to hear back on the matter.

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Days of Our Lives

Social media channels for the show haven’t indicated any disruption in the schedule, but upon checking NBC during airtime, the trial was playing instead of Days. Luckily, it appears you can catch episodes online if not on television. View them at We’ve reached out to NBC for comment, and will update when or if we hear back.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Like the previous week, The Bold and the Beautiful was preempted on January 27 due to the trial. No indication that this would occur was made on social channels, with a tweet promoting Monday’s planned episode implying it would air. For the time being, it appears episodes will be preempted until further notice, unless otherwise stated. We’ve reached out to CBS for comment.

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The Young and the Restless

The series was preempted by the trial on Monday, January 27, but a message shared on their Twitter page reveals fans can watch the episode that didn’t air on While no such statement was made on The Bold and the Beautiful‘s social media page, it could be assumed that it will be available in a similar way? Stay tuned as we will continue to update with more news.