Netflix’s ‘Night on Earth’ Producer Talks Filming ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’

night on earth

Talk about a shot in the dark. The eye-popping new docuseries Night on Earth is loaded with incredible images of nocturnal creatures, all caught on tape after sundown.

“We filmed from dusk till dawn,” explains producer Bill Markham of the six-part series narrated by actress Samira Wiley (The Handmaid’s Tale). “For the [arctic-themed] episode, we worked around the clock, as during winter it is dark in some places for 24 hours a day!”

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Shot across 30 countries, from Australia to Singapore to the Maldives, Night employs high-tech, low-light cameras, as well as military-grade thermal-imaging equipment and lenses mounted to drones. “We also filmed a couple of sequences with infrared [to spot] owl monkeys in Argentina, the world’s only nocturnal primate,” Markham says of the animals (above).

night on earth

(Credit: Netflix)

He relied on ultraviolet cameras for footage of coral reefs in Indonesia, a glowing scorpion in Arizona and a newly discovered glowing frog in Argentina. Other animals revealed to be busy with evening activities include vampire bats in Peru, great white sharks hunting off the coast of South Africa and moose moseying around Anchorage looking for pumpkins left out after Halloween.

“There’s another world out there, right on our doorsteps,” Markham says. “If you only could see it.” Now we can!

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