‘Yellowstone’ Season 3: Meet Roarke Morris & Get Ready for ‘Big Reveals’ (VIDEO)

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Quite a bit happened in Yellowstone Season 2, but don’t expect things to get easier for the Dutton family when the Paramount Network drama returns this summer.

“They were threatened as a family,” Kevin Costner (John) says in a new preview looking ahead at Season 3. “My world was shaken up, and now there’s going to be consequences.”

The Dutton family faced off with the Beck brothers in Season 2 — even working with past foes like Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) and Dan Jenkins (Danny Huston) to get rid of the latest threat. And in the end, the family got the kidnapped Tate (Brecken Merrill) back and the Beck brothers were dead (as was Dan), and it’s likely that has changed everyone.

And now it sounds like there’s going to be a new Dan Jenkins-like problem in Season 3, as Kelly Reilly (Beth) describes Josh Holloway’s Roarke Morris as “Dan Jenkins times a million.” “He is a hedge fund baller, if you will,” Holloway says of his new character. “You can’t ignore him,” Costner adds. “You can’t just close the gate.”

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The cast has already begun production on the new episodes.

He’s not the only new face coming to Yellowstone, as Birmingham shares there are “some great new female characters” and Reilly delights in talking about “the bunkhouse girls.”

Furthermore, the actress teases “big reveals” and Wes Bentley (Jamie) promises they’ll “dig into some things that everyone’s been wanting us to dig into.”

Watch the preview below for a behind-the-scenes look and more intel about the new season.

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