Something Wicked Is Coming for the BAU in the ‘Criminal Minds’ Season 15 Promo (VIDEO)

Under the Skin
Cliff Lipson/CBS

“Something wicked this way comes…” The BAU is once again in danger in the final season of Criminal Minds.

“Whoever we’re dealing with is still clearly on the hunt,” Prentiss (Paget Brewster) says in the new Season 15 promo. But the warning, “you’ll never catch him,” is certainly ominous.

Rossi’s (Joe Mantegna) latest obsession, Everett Lynch/The Chameleon (Michael Mosley) “has no true identity,” but is he the one the team is after when they investigate an UnSub with striking similarities to the killer? And how much damage inflicted in the preview, below, is Lynch responsible for?

The promo also teases an explosion and someone keeping a secret, plus we may see what leads to JJ (A.J. Cook) being injured, as revealed in the photos for the first two episodes.

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The members of the BAU and their loved ones have been targeted over the years.

Mosley’s not the only returning guest star at the beginning of the final season. “Under the Skin” and “Awakenings” will also see Jane Lynch back as Reid’s (Matthew Gray Gubler) mother and Sharon Lawrence as Roberta Lynch. Plus, fans are wondering what will happen after JJ’s confession to Reid in the Season 14 finale. Well, her husband, Will (Josh Stewart) is in Episode 2.

Criminal Minds, 15th and Final Season Premiere, Wednesday, January 8, 9/8c, CBS