‘The Flash’: Brandon Routh’s Superman Is a Symbol of Hope Amid ‘Crisis’ (VIDEO)

He may be the Paragon of Truth, but Earth-96’s Superman (Brandon Routh) sure is all about the hope. At least he is during The Flash‘s portion of Crisis on Infinite Earths tonight.

After being identified as one of the seven “purest of will” heroes who can stop the Anti-Monitor from erasing existence, the older, grief-riddled Kal-El seems to have leaned into the whole “save the world” by the time we get to part three of the five-episode crossover spectacular this evening.

In this exclusive clip from the hour, Supes zaps in from who-knows-where with bad news but a surprisingly good attitude about his efforts going forward. When asked by Earth-38’s Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) about the changes to his supercrest, the Man of Steel delivers an optimistic, even inspiring explanation perfectly suited for every version of the flying Boy Scout. Even the Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) appears to be touched. And he’s basically dead inside.

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Check it out above and don’t forget that tonight’s installment is the last one before the CW’s winter hiatus. The final two episodes will air in early 2020.

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