Who Met Lucille in the ‘Walking Dead’ Finale? Take Our Poll!

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Warning: Spoilers for the sixth season finale of The Walking Dead are ahead!

Is Glenn really dead? Will the walkers turn on Sam when he calls for his mom? Is Daryl really dead? Who met Lucille?

For fans of The Walking Dead, it’s been a season of prolonged anticipation and frequent frustration, with cliffhanger after cliffhanger dangled all the way down to the long-awaited arrival of the notorious Negan. The season finale continued the audience-teasing trend by finishing the 90-minute episode with a POV shot of an undisclosed someone being beaten, presumably to death, by Negan and his barbed wire bat Lucille.

It’s fairly common knowledge at this point that the recipient of Lucille’s deadly affection in the comics was Glenn, and his outburst at the idea of Maggie taking the hit seemed to rub Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s onscreen Negan the wrong way as well. But Glenn isn’t the only likely candidate on the show. Just about every major character, with the exceptions of Carol, Morgan and Enid, was lined up in that clearing, and Glenn might just be too obvious to be shocking at this point.

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Negan threatened Maggie, which is what drew his attention to Glenn in the first place. This would be a genuinely shocking turn as not even a show like The Walking Dead would seem likely to take out a beloved character and her unborn child at the same time. The threat Negan made (to feed Carl’s remaining eye to Rick) just before he got started with Lucille seems to also rule out both Grimeses as targets.

A more likely alternative would be Abraham, who in the comics died the way Denise did on the show. Abraham stared Negan down as he was making his rounds in the final scene, which seemed to amuse Negan, possibly enough to keep his attention. Eugene, now that he’s given his “recipe” for bullets to Rick, doesn’t have a whole lot much more utility to offer as a character, and that coupled with the lengthy goodbyes he got when he separated from the group with the RV could make him a prime candidate for the show’s writers to take out. Historically speaking, pretty much any time a character like Eugene has been fleshed out and given more to do after having been relegated to a background role, it’s basically been the writers’ way of signing that character’s death warrant.

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These are just thoughts on a few of the many options Negan had to choose from. It’s just as infuriatingly likely at this point that it could be Daryl, Aaron, Michonne, Sasha or Rosita. Our official guess is that Negan was just wailing on the dumpster that the whole gang managed to slide under at the last minute. Who do you think met Lucille? Let us know in the poll below and in the comments.