Mini-Monsters Are Tracked in Animal Planet’s New Series ‘Little Giants’

Animal Planet
Courtesy of Animal Planet

When one thinks of dominant animals that roam the earth, large predators like lions, grizzlies and titanic anacondas come to mind. But, pound for pound, the most powerful and awe-inspiring creatures are the elusive micro-monsters that exist just beneath our feet.

These tiny creatures rule their environments with an array of supernatural weapons almost unheard of in the animal kingdom. They can swim through the sand, shape shift their bodies and shoot toxic blood from their eyes. Animal Planet’s all-new series Little Giants, airing Wednesday, October 16, 10/9c on Animal Planet, examines these extraordinary creatures.

Wildlife author & expert Bradley Trevor Greive and biodesigner Billy Almon venture to some of the most remote and inhospitable habitats in the world to track down these tiny beasts. Using state of the art equipment, they will measure the abilities of these creatures and present them in a way never seen before. Then they’ll use stunning CGI to size the creatures up to reveal if they can go toe to toe with the largest and most formidable animals on earth.

Courtesy of Animal Planet

Some animals featured this season include:

  • The Giant Horned Lizard that has the head of a triceratops, and can shoot streams of toxic blood from its eyes.
  • The Grasshopper Mouse that lives in the desert, eats scorpions for breakfast and howls at the moon to claim its territory.

Courtesy of Animal Planet

  • The tic-tac size Bombardier Beetle has a backside built like a machine gun that blasts clouds of boiling hot caustic liquid to fry its enemies.
  • The miniature stealth Sugar Glider. If it doesn’t kill you with cuteness, its razor-sharp claws and ability to leap 400 times the length of its own body will astound you.

Little Giants, Premiere, Wednesday, October 16, 10/9c, Animal Planet