‘BH90210’ Finale: Does Fox Pick up the Reboot? (RECAP)

Spoiler Alert
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the season finale of BH90210, “The Long Wait.”]

The Beverly Hills, 90210 cast has wrapped the pilot of the reboot when the finale begins, but that’s just the beginning.

As they wait for news from the network, they learn their main competition is another reboot. Furthermore, they’re all facing problems in their personal lives, and it seems to be just a matter of time before the end of a marriage … or two … or three.

Professional Happiness … and Problems

Tori thinks that getting picked up should just be “a formality.” “It’s the reboot of 90210,” she says. “No brainer.” But Christine warns them that The O.C. reboot came in great. Plus, Mischa Barton is tweeting up a storm and she comes back from the dead. “The O.C. was a reboot of 90210,” Ian protests. “We were often imitated, but never duplicated.”

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But there are only four slots in the fall schedule. Fortunately, “audiences like you high-maintenance twits,” Christine tells Tori, but she refuses to show her the results of audience testing. Her assistant, however, doesn’t get the memo and passes that along. No one likes what they read:

“Tori Spelling is polarizing, but as Donna Martin, she is completely endearing, especially when she is with David Silver.”

“Audiences related to Kelly Taylor’s struggle as a middle-aged woman, but found her storyline depressing.”

“Steve Sanders’ macho and swagger feels old school, like being in a time capsule.”

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“Andrea Zuckerman being gay or bi is pretty funny.”

“David Silver is now improbably sexy.”

“Audiences loved seeing Brandon Walsh and Kelly Taylor together but were confused by the sexual chemistry between Brandon Walsh and Brenda Walsh.”

“They would like to see Brenda be more of a troublemaker.”

By the end of a long day at the Peach Pit pop-up, Christine reveals Fox picked up three shows, and it’s between their reboot and The O.C.‘s. “It’s not looking good,” she warns them. But they are picked up, though they find out there are going to be a couple changes before taking the stage for Fox Upfronts in New York.

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They’re reshooting the pilot, replacing Anna and the guest cast, and the network has no money, so they’re shooting in Canada. Oh, and they can’t afford to bring all seven of the actors back.

Personal Woes

It seems like everyone’s love life is imploding in the finale.

Gabrielle is still figuring things out with Chris, while Tori and Jennie find out about her and Christine. Gabrielle introduces Chris to Christine, and he admits later he “wasn’t that jealous.” She apologizes, but she’s still figuring things out. “I don’t know how long ‘I don’t know’ is going to be okay,” he tells her.

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Meanwhile, after Shay tells Brian Zack isn’t his son, he lashes out at her. “You couldn’t let me have this because you couldn’t control this,” he yells at her, later admitting he knows he’s “shooting the messenger.” Shannen tells him he can still be his father, never mind about biology — but speaking of biology, someone else does recognize Zack’s mother: Jason.

Speaking of family, Ian’s ready for a family, but Anna is only interested in a no-strings relationship. While in New York, Ian falls into bed with Denise Richards, only to later learn Anna’s her daughter.

As for the two potential couples out of the group, their other relationships fall apart or are well on their way to doing so as they share significant moments.

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Tori and Nate are still fighting about things at home, like paying bills and who’s taking care of the house and kids. He only shows up at the Peach Pit pop-up to drop off their son. He later tells her he’s proud of her, but jealous of her great new career adventure. “It’s not supposed to be you or I, I want it to be we,” she tells him, and she wishes he didn’t have to try to feel that way.

Tori’s even jealous of her on-screen relationship with David because after 20 years of marriage, “they’re still happy together.” Their spouses may not appreciate them, but they do appreciate each other. And at Upfronts, Brian asks Tori if she ever second-guesses herself and wonders if she should have married someone who’s “a better fit.” They both do.

(Shane Harvey/FOX)

Jennie ends things with Wyatt after he tattoos her initials on his chest, while Camille convinces Jason they need to stop trying so hard because he’s not going to get over the fact that she’s pregnant with someone else’s child. Jason and Jennie too share a moment at Upfronts, as he comments that she’s “a lot of work” and she replies she’s “worth the effort.”

Will we see what’s next, both personally and professionally? We’ll have to wait and see.

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