Lifetime’s ‘The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders’ Looks at the Dark Side of High School

Courtesy of Lifetime

Get your pom poms out for Denise Richards and Savannah May who will headline The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders, airing Labor Day, Monday, September 2 on Lifetime.

Ava, an incoming transfer student, reluctantly tries out for the cheerleading team at the insistence of her overly-ambitious mother, Candice.

Courtesy of Lifetime

Katrina (Allie DeBerry), the head cheerleader and most popular girl in school, unexpectedly cozies up to Ava who makes the squad and instantly becomes high school royalty.

As she transitions into her new life, Ava discovers becoming part of the squad comes at a price.

Courtesy of Lifetime

The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders, Premiere, Monday, September 2, 8/7c, Lifetime