‘American Horror Story: 1984’ Goes Full Slasher Movie in First Trailer (VIDEO)

ahs1984 4copy

Season 9 of FX’s wildly popular anthology series American Horror Story is nearly here, and in anticipation of the September 18 premiere, the network has released its first full trailer.

The season title, American Horror Story: 1984, serves as a callback to an era known for slasher films. Familiar faces from AHS seasons past are seen all dolled up in leopard print, crimped wigs and pastel for this latest entry in the franchise.

The trailer kicks off with a massive camp massacre committed by a leather-clad and machete-wielding maniac. This first slashing sets the tone for what’s to come for the cast, including returning stars Emma Roberts, Cody Fern, Billie Lourd and Leslie Grossman.

In the clip, Fern’s character announces to his friends that he’s booked a gig as a camp counselor, inviting them to join for the summer. It’s that point in time where everyone should say no but much to the viewers’ delight, they say yes.

(Credit: FX)

Things start going awry for the crew while still on the road to Camp Redwood, when they appear to hit someone — or something?! — with their car. Meanwhile, a skittish Brooke (Roberts) seems to have a past that makes her weary of the excursion. Will their experience with maniacs serve useful in the end or is it a bloody fate for all?

When a man names Mr. Jingles escapes the psychiatric hospital it would seem no one is safe. Check out the full trailer below to decide for yourself and don’t miss American Horror Story: 1984 when it premieres this fall.

American Horror Story: 1984, Premieres Wednesday, September 28, 10/9c, FX