‘Batman: Hush’ Explores the Caped Crusader’s Relationship With Catwoman

batman hush
DC Universe

Is the Dark Knight capable of falling in love? That’s one of the central questions in Batman: Hush, the latest DC Universe movie from Warner Bros. Animation.

Adapted by writer Ernie Altbacker and director Justin Copeland from a popular 2002–03 comic book arc, Hush introduces a mysterious new adversary who manipulates a rogues’ gallery of Gotham City villains — including the Joker, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Bane and Scarecrow — into tormenting Batman (and his alter ego, Bruce Wayne). Amid this chaos, the Caped Crusader settles into a romantic relationship with Catwoman, a steamy climax to a flirtation that has been simmering through most of Batman’s 80-year history.

“Batman is being stalked, and the story is about what that does to him as a person,” says exec producer James Tucker. “It’s the catalyst that brings Batman and Catwoman closer together. That’s something we haven’t had in these movies, where we focus on them as a couple.”

Jason O’Mara (The Man in the High Castle) returns as the voice of Batman, while Once Upon a Time alum Jennifer Morrison makes her debut as Catwoman (and her Selina Kyle alter ego). “The things she does are so subtle, but they made Catwoman a person, not just an icon or this image of seductiveness,” Tucker says. “The whole movie hinges on the relationship, even in a way I wasn’t expecting. You sense her damage, her vulnerability. You also sense her strength.”

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Whether their combustible union has staying power remains to be seen. “There is a portion of the audience who want Batman to be happy,” Tucker says. “But you realize if he ever is happy, that could be the end of Batman.”

Batman: Hush, Digital premiere July 20; on 4K/Blu-ray/DVD and DC Universe streaming service August 6

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