‘Dear White People’ Season 3 Trailer: ‘Same Title, New Spin’ (VIDEO)


It’s time to “grow by any means necessary,” Dear White People‘s third season emphasizes.

The Netflix comedy about students of color at Winchester University — an Ivy League school — navigating a diverse landscape of social injustice, cultural bias and more is set to return with a whole new set of stories on August 2. And as the tagline above indicates, change is on the horizon as our main cast continues to grow with the people around them.

As the newly released trailer picks up, it’s clear that things are taking a shift in Season 3. And there’s no shortage of poking fun either. “If everyone stayed exactly the same, life would be tedious and predictable… like a third season of a Netflix show,” one character notes in a voice over.

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Preparing for new challenges and new faces, Joelle (Ashley Blaine Featherson) states it best when she says over the airwaves, “you’re listening to Dear White People with Joelle Brooks — same title, new spin.”

(Credit: Netflix)

Among some of the guest stars making appearances this time around are Yvette Nicole Brown, Blair Underwood, Justin Simien, Laverne Cox, Flavor Flav and many more. Netflix revealed the stars set to appear in a special video announcement a couple days prior to Friday’s trailer release.

Check out all of the trials and tribulations that are ahead for Season 3 in the trailer below and don’t miss Dear White People when it returns Friday, August 2.

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