‘Evel Live 2’s Vicki Golden & Axell Hodges Tease Their Gravity-Defying Stunts

Evel 2- Axell Hodges
Chris Tedesco

It’s triple the danger! In Evel Live 2, superstar motocross athletes Vicki Golden and Axell Hodges set out to break world records in three life-risking stunts, including the farthest motorcycle jump ever.

The adrenaline-pumping spectacle, held in San Bernardino, California, is hosted by action sports icon Travis Pastrana, who last year successfully completed a trio of Evel Knievel’s top stunts in Las Vegas. His company, Nitro Circus, produces the event, airing as part of History’s annual Car Week, and members of his team will train the riders.

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Inside History's 'Evel Live': Travis Pastrana Talks Recreating Three of Evel Knievel's Iconic Jumps (VIDEO)

Why would anyone try a jump in Las Vegas that almost ended Evel Knievel's life? We have details!

First up is Golden, the first woman to attempt to shatter the 2006 motorcycle fire wall record. Aboard her Indian FTR 1200 bike, she’ll burst through 13 flaming wooden walls, one after the other, while wearing at least two layers of fireproof material under her racing suit. “There’s not a time I can remember not riding,” says Golden, who nearly lost a leg in a January 2018 crash. “My role models used to be people who are at the top of this sport. Now it’s friends who fought back from almost career-ending injuries.”

Next, Hodges aims to clear 25 semitrucks lined up side-by-side. If he succeeds, he’ll break Evel Knievel’s son Robbie’s 2003 record. “I’m one of the guys who is out there usually hitting the biggest jump. I just love it,” says Hodges. Of his lightweight Kawasaki KX 450 dirt bike, he adds, “I feel comfortable going big on that. You can’t use a heavy Harley for this! It’s scary but not scary, because I’m doing all this training.”

(Credit: History Channel)

For the finale, Hodges will try to break the distance jump record of 378 feet, 9 inches, set in 2011. His previous best: 325 feet. After psyching himself up listening to music like Wiz Khalifa or the Rolling Stones, he’ll hit the ramp at around 110 mph. He credits training partner Golden as inspiration too: “I wouldn’t be doing this stuff if I didn’t have her here.”

Evel Live 2, Sunday, July 7, 8/7c, History