‘NCIS: LA’ Finale Had Bad News for Fans of ‘JAG’s Harm & Mac

Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Season 10 finale of NCIS: Los Angeles, “False Flag.”]

On the one hand, there’s still hope for JAG‘s Harm (David James Elliott) and Mac (Catherine Bell). On the other hand, time has not been kind for their relationship.

Mac joins Harm in helping the NCIS: Los Angeles team track down a group of ISIS sympathizers on board his ship, the USS Allegiance, in “False Flag.” When Hetty (Linda Hunt) brings her into the fold, Mac reveals that she and Harm haven’t seen each other in nine years.

Though he passed up a JAG position in London and joined her in San Diego, he needed to return to the fight. “We were engaged, but we were living completely separate lives,” Mac explains. But he’s doing great and on track to getting his own ship and even becoming an admiral, she continues.

As for her career, she had to take the opportunity to work with the State Department, but it “meant that the pretense of our marriage was over,” she says. “My life is good. Some things just don’t work out.”

However, as Hetty points out, “the final chapter isn’t written yet.”

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As for the actual reunion, it takes place across a secure video chat, with him on his ship and her in the Ops Center. Considering the severity of the case at hand, most of their conversation revolves around that.

“XO, it’s good to see you,” Mac says. Though Harm only tells the others about their professional relationship, once they have a moment alone, he tells her she looks “great.” “You haven’t changed,” she says in reply. “Life at sea suits you.”

Hetty’s words suggest there’s hope yet for Harm and Mac. After all, the finale does end with a major cliffhanger, one that would make their absences in the Season 11 premiere quite noticeable. Perhaps once the world is saved and World War III has been thwarted, they’ll have a chance to really talk. But what doesn’t bode well for them is Mac’s comment that “life at sea suits” him and what we’ve seen from Harm on board in these last two episodes of Season 10.

That could, of course, change, especially given however the cliffhanger is resolved. It may also depend on if there is a future for these JAG characters beyond these NCIS: LA appearances.

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Plus, the CBS drama staged a 'JAG' reunion and delivered crushing blows for a couple team members.

For now, fans can only hope that the future doesn’t remain so bleak for the couple, especially since some are angry Harm and Mac didn’t get a happily ever after.

However, other fans are hopeful that Harm and Mac do have a future together.

Sound off with your thoughts on Harm and Mac’s relationship status in the comments below.

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