‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Sneak Peek: Jake & Amy Butt Heads on a Case (VIDEO)

brooklyn nine nine clip cover

It’s been awhile since fans saw Jake (Andy Samberg) and Amy (Melissa Fumero) partner up on a case, but they’ll be working together again in the latest Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode, “He Said, She Said.”

But when the dynamic duo does team up, they don’t necessarily see eye-to-eye on how to approach to the case, which involves a sexual assault. TV Insider has a sneak peek at the episode below, in which the newlyweds arrive at the scene of the alleged crime — an office building — for questioning.

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Jake is easily impressed by the office, gushing, “This place is amazing, it’s like a dream factory.” However, Amy is not pleased with her husband’s approach the situation, chiding, “We’re investigating a sexual assault that occurred in these offices.”

Still, Jake can’t help but point out the perks of the posh workspace. “Of course, I know! This is how people get tempted by the devil,” he notes, before turning to a side table bearing food. “I see what you’re up to, platter of tiny quiches.”

Will Jake be blinded by the perks in his approach to the case? Or will Amy make him see reason? Watch the clip below.

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