‘Biography: The Trump Dynasty’ Examines the Heritage of the 45th President

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Starting with the Yukon Gold Rush, three generations of the Trump family built the foundation for Donald Trump’s fame and fortune. To understand his heritage and the influences that shaped him, Biography: The Trump Dynasty provides an all-encompassing view into the life story of President Trump in a three-night, six-part event beginning Monday, February 25 on A&E.

The documentary has a full range of interviewees, including FOX News host Sean Hannity, political commentator Ann Coulter, news anchor Connie Chung, co-author The Art of the Deal Tony Schwartz, GOP political operative Roger Stone and former Trump advisor Anthony Scaramucci, as well as the president’s former classmates, business associates, friends, celebrities and Trump insiders. The series draws from first-hand accounts and never-before-seen archival footage.

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In 1885, Friedrich Trump had come to America to make a name and fortune for himself. Taking advantage of the Gold Rush, he opened businesses providing rooms, food, and liquor to miners in frontier mining towns. Then, he came back to New York where he put down the seeds to the Trump Organization’s real estate empire.

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His son, Fred Trump, began his career by constructing homes and then moving into real-estate management. In 1968, with the famous loan from his father, Donald Trump set his sights on real estate in Manhattan.

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Biography: The Trump Dynasty delves into Donald Trump’s childhood in Queens, his relationship with his father, his risky move into the world of Manhattan real estate and the creation of a landmark residential skyscraper on Fifth Avenue, his notoriety as a best-selling author and reality television star, his marriages, and finally, his ascension to the presidency. The series explores the influences that shaped Donald Trump’s personality, celebrity, and ambition in business and politics.

Biography: The Trump Dynasty, Monday, February 25, 9/8c, A&E