‘The Walking Dead’ Sneak Peek: Here Come The Whisperers… and Alpha! (VIDEO)

Walking Dead Whisperers 909

We got a frightening glimpse of them in November’s midseason finale, but when the second half of The Walking Dead‘s ninth season arrives on February 10, so do the latest nefarious group the Whisperers in a very big way.

In fact, while Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) was last seen in an open cell door to the prison where he’s been held for a long, long time, his reign of terror looks to be nothing compared to what The Whisperers have in story for our group of apocalyptic survivors.

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One of the weirdest, biggest mysteries from the ninth season has been the strange marks on their backs.

On Wednesday, AMC released a new promo featuring The Whisperers coming into the world with the frightening voice telling them, “I am Alpha.”

Keep an eye out for just how freaky scary this group looks and you may even see catch a sneak peek at Academy Award-nominee Samantha Morton as Alpha. Hold on tight!

The Walking Dead, Season 9 Returns, Sunday, February 10, 9/8c, AMC