‘Outlander’ Season 4 Finale: The Fraser’s Bargain & Roger’s Decision in ‘Man of Worth’ (RECAP)

Outlander Season 4 2018
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Man of Worth

Season 4 • Episode 13

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Season 4 Finale of Outlander, “Man of Worth.”]

It’s finally here, the Outlander Season 4 finale — let the droughtlander officially commence.

The January 27 installment of the hit Starz series tied some loose ends while creating others. Join us as we take a look at the pivotal moments from “Man of Worth,” but beware of major spoilers from the wild finale ahead.

Opening up at Shadow Lake, the episode quickly reveals that Roger (Richard Rankin) is still captive among the Mohawk, but a red-headed Jamie (Sam Heughan) is observing the village from afar. Mr. Fraser, Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Ian (John Bell) are finally in New York after their months-long journey.

The three decide to enter the village, walking slowly towards the settlement. As they make their way into the area, natives begin popping out from behind trees watching the visitors approach. Initially, the Frasers intend to break the ice with the Mohawk by attempting to trade goods.

As soon as Ian begins to inquire about Roger, showing the drawing given to them by Brianna (Sophie Skelton), it’s obvious they recognize the face and Kaheroton (Braeden Clarke) leads the group to Chief Tehwahsehkwe (Tom Jackson).

There, Jamie, Claire and Ian ask to trade for their friend and the chief recognizes how badly they want Roger. While he confers with the tribe’s leaders, Claire removes her scarf and reveals a stone around her neck.

The natives begin whispering about the stone, recalling that it belonged to a man named Otter Tooth (Trevor Carroll), the ghostly figure Claire saw in the woods during a rain storm and whose skull she later found next to the necklace earlier this season. As expected, the Frasers are told to leave and never return, which is problematic in their effort to rescue Roger.

Back at River Run, Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix) arrives to a warm meal from Jocasta (Maria Doyle Kennedy) and when she asks about his arrest, Murtagh reveals he’s wanted by authorities for his activities with the Regulators. Jocasta strongly suggests Murtagh not stay in one place for too long in order to avoid capture.

Things turn ugly when Jocasta mentions Bree’s impending marriage to Lord John, and Murtagh’s angry reaction ultimately ends that conversation. Meanwhile, Bree is readying for the birth of her baby as Phaedra (Natalie Simpson) provides support, telling Bree that her baby will be perfect.

Back in New York, Jamie and Claire talk through their plans for the rescue, as Jamie intends to return to Shadow Lake and retrieve Roger in the cover of nightfall. In the midst of this conversation, Jamie senses the presence of others and suddenly a horde of natives attack and surround them.

Wahkatiiosta (Carmen Moore) leads the attack and agrees to tell the Frasers of the stone’s story. Essentially, a man that the Mohawk called Otter Tooth arrived at their village and claimed he was from the future. Wahkatiiosta relays that Otter Tooth warned the tribe to kill the white man or else their ancestors would suffer and be forgotten.

Leading groups of the Mohawk, Otter Tooth repeatedly returned to the village with scalps of white men and performed war dances and the tribe ultimately banned him for his brutal nature. Still, he returned many times more, speaking words of warning. In response, the Mohawk painted his face black — marking him for death.

When he escaped, the natives followed and killed him. Wahkatiiosta tells the Frasers that whoever possesses the stone can supposedly see the future of the Mohawk people but must also be stuck with Otter Tooth’s ghost — which Claire confirms. In exchange for giving Wahkatiiosta the stone, the Frasers ask for Wahkatiiosta’s help in return so that they may rescue Roger and their plan begins.

In a follow-up at River Run, Murtagh grills Bree, unaware that her engagement to Lord John is a sham. She reassures him that she’s biding time until Roger returns — which at this point just seems to be wishful thinking. Of course, Murtagh’s next concern is the reason behind her visit at the jail, she tells him about Jamie’s letter that suggested she forgive Stephen Bonnet (Ed Speleers). Murtagh asks if she can forgive Jamie. Can she? Apparently so, because she tells him she’s already forgiven her father.

Back at Shadow Lake, the Frasers and their new Mohawk friends attempt their rescue mission, but of course not everything goes as planned as a finale-worthy fight ensues. Claire greets Roger in his hut after their sneaky attempt to infiltrate the grounds goes awry, and there’s barely time for pleasantries before they need to start running. But with Roger’s injuries and the group outnumbered, their mission proves futile.

Upon being caught, Wahkatiiosta is banned from the tribe, the Frasers are told to leave and never return, and Roger still doesn’t have permission to depart. Desperate to keep his promise and maintain his “hero” status, Jamie offers himself up in exchange for Roger’s freedom, but as he and Claire begin saying their goodbyes, it’s clear Ian isn’t following the plan.

In an honorable moment, Ian makes a deal to stay and tells his uncle, “you once said you wished me to become a man of worth,” to explain his decision. Jamie says that Ian doesn’t know how worthy he is, knowing the sacrifice he’s making. Needless to say, this is by far one of the most emotional scenes, from Ian’s goodbye to Jamie and Claire to his apology to Roger.

In North Carolina, Murtagh and Jocasta share some whiskey and discuss his next move, but she’s not keen on him rejoining the Regulators. This sparks a heated debate as Murtagh notes that the well-off Jocasta could use her powerful influence to help his cause. She recoils at this, calling him stubborn and claims she never liked him because of this trait. The conversation escalates to the point where she ends up throwing a drink in his face.

But more than just anger was brewing under the surface when viewers discover the pair waking up in bed together. The budding romance between such an unlikely match certainly makes for an interesting story moving forward.

In the light of day, Claire and Jamie begin sorting out their next move with Roger in tow, while Claire questions what Jamie will tell Jenny (Laura Donnelly) about her son Ian’s new living arrangement. He tells his wife that Jenny will understand, but the conversation ends abruptly when Roger throws a punch at Jamie for having sold him to the Mohawk in the first place. In tandem with this, we see Ian go through the same kind of gauntlet Roger faced with the Mohawk.

As Ian is accepted into the tribe, the beating from Roger subsides and he begins asking Jamie and Claire questions. Claire tells Roger about Bree’s rape and her pregnancy and he takes the news especially hard when he discovers that Stephen Bonnet was responsible. When Jamie questions if Roger can step up for Bree, he’s unable to provide an answer, saying that it’s all too much. Claire says that it’s fine if Roger needs time to decide if he will return, knowing that he must stay with Bree and the baby in this time because he should be sure.

Meanwhile, Bree gives birth to a baby boy at River Run and the time quickly passes. As she sits with Murtagh and her now two-month-old son, Phaedra tells Bree that her parents are arriving. Hopeful, Bree greets them at the door but her face falls when she notices Roger’s absence. Jamie reassures her that he’s alive and she begins to cry.

Bringing Claire and Jamie up to speed, Claire thanks Jocasta for hosting Bree. Jamie then inquires about Bonnet, and Murtagh tells him that he was killed in the blast at the prison. (But was he? We’ll have to wait and see.) Claire meanwhile tries to comfort her heartbroken daughter as Bree puts on a brave face and joins the gathering a few moments later.

Bree’s resilience is clear, but as the Frasers ready their things to travel home, she spots someone arriving through the window. Roger returns, and they greet each other in a warm embrace. His decision to stay is made clear when he asks to meet his son — he’s made up his mind that Bree’s baby is his, no matter who the father is biologically.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an Outlander finale unless there was a twist ending and, in the middle of Bree and Roger’s embrace, a cavalry of red coats ride in as Murtagh rushes to hide in the slave’s quarters . Upon entering the house, the red coats ask for Jamie who is given a letter. Tryon (Tim Downie) writes that Jamie’s next mission is to dismantle the Regulators, starting with his first assignment — to hunt down and kill… Murtagh.

While there’s no telling where this will head next season, but one thing’s for sure — the Frasers will be up to some serious shenanigans.

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