HBO Developing a Death Row Drama Starring Laura Dern

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HBO developing a death row drama starring Laura Dern

Oscar-winning documentarian Alex Gibney is turning his attention to the scripted side with a proposed drama about a court-appointed psychiatrist, played by Dern, who has to determine if death row inmates are sane enough to be executed.

BBC to scan viewers’ faces to learn how they really feel about what they’re watching

As described by The Independent, the face-scanning technology will be used “on a second-by-second basis and the results are divided into six possible emotions: sadness, puzzlement, happiness, fear, rejection and surprise. The cameras allow researchers to measure the often subconscious responses people have to visual content.”

Mark-Paul Gosselaar joins Fox’s female pitcher baseball pilot

The Saved by the Bell alum will play the catcher opposite Kylie Bunbury’s pitcher in the drama pilot about the first woman to play in the major leagues.

Netflix used “cocaine” on Euro bills to promote Narcos in France

A marketing agency took advantage of the idea that most Euro bills have traces of cocaine on them.

Sia is next up for James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke

The “wig-wearing” artist will be Corden’s third Carpool Karaoke participant in a two-week span when she appears on Monday’s Late Late Show. PLUS: Corden credits Piers Morgan for convincing him to take The Late Late Show job after twice turning it down.

Kevin Smith and Greg Grunberg to host Geeking Out, a late-night talk show on AMC

The 30-minute chat show will kick off later this summer with an episode covering Comic-Con.

Female Jeopardy! contestants face sexist scorn online

As Talia Lavin explains, the appearing on the acclaimed game show “can make female contestants feel that they are running a sexualized gauntlet of unwelcome tweets, emails, and Facebook messages replete with explicit sexual material. I know, because I was one of them.” PLUS: Jeopardy! college tournament contestant Niki Peters has been retweeting her haters.

Jesse Camp is returning to MTV

The late ‘90s winner of the MTV “Wanna be a VJ” contestant can now be seen every Thursday on MTV’s Snapchat Discover.

Taylor Swift to open the Grammys

The last time Swift opened the Grammy Awards was in 2013.

ESPN will debut a Duke lacrosse scandal 30 for 30 on its 10th anniversary

The documentary Fantastic Lies premieres on March 13.

Former Discovery American Guns star indicted on firearm and tax crimes

A federal grand jury today indicted Richard Wyatt, of conspiracy, dealing in firearms without a license and tax-related charges.

Mob Wives star arrested on assault charges

Drita D’Avanzo allegedly hit another woman during an argument.

Nothing would’ve stopped Milo Ventimiglia from appearing on the Gilmore Girls revival

During last summer’s Gilmore Girls reunion, Ventimiglia told Amy Sherman-Palladino, “Yes. Absolutely. I’ll be back. I don’t care if I’m in Tunisia doing a  movie. I’ll fly home, I’ll be Jess, because I love you guys so much. And then I’ll go back to my job in Tunisia.” PLUS: Paris and Doyle post an on-set photo, and Switched at Birth‘s Vanessa Marano will return as Luke’s controversial daughter April. UPDATE: Emily “Mrs. Kim” Kuroda is also on board.

Meet the Real Housewives of Dallas

Bravo has released the list of stars of its newest Real Housewives series.

Miami Heat parodies Martin

Watch the NBA team recreate the ‘90s sitcom opening sequence.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog’s Hulu election special has been funnier than many recent sitcoms

The 85-minute special is hilarious, stunning and necessary.

truTV’s Those Who Can’t makes juveniles out of teachers

The scripted comedy proves to be quite amusing.