What’s Streaming on Netflix? ‘Hold the Dark,’ ‘Chef’s Table,’ & More

Hold the Dark - Jeffrey Wright

Documentary Premiere, Friday, Sept. 21
Quincy Jones, the famed musician and producer, gets a well-deserved close-up in this intimate portrait of his life, directed by his daughter Rashida Jones (Parks and Recreation). Expect to see rare archival footage and hear stories about the 27-time Grammy winner (below) working with industry icons including Michael Jackson and Aretha Franklin.

Quincy Jones

Composer Quincy Jones holding his awards in Press Room at Grammy Awards.

Hold the Dark
Movie Premiere, Friday, Sept. 28
In a cold, remote Alaskan village that seems straight out of a nightmare, grieving mother Medora (Riley Keough) enlists the help of noted wolf expert Russell Core (Westworld’s Jeffrey Wright) to look for her missing son. Sadly, the boy has been taken by a pack of the wild beasts and is presumed dead. But Medora needs solid answers.

Unfortunately for Core, he has no idea what he’s gotten himself into — including a string of missing-children cases and a masked killer on the loose. The mystery only deepens when Core discovers most of the people in this creepy town aren’t willing to do anything about the rampant bloodshed going on right under their noses.

Series Premiere, Friday, Sept. 21
Two strangers (Emma Stone and Jonah Hill) agree to take part in an experimental drug trial that promises to heal all that ails their troubled minds. What follows, though, is a trip into the limits of the imagination, as they both find themselves entwined in shared hallucinations that suggest they are connected in ways they don’t yet fully understand.

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The line between reality and fantasy is blurred in this new sci-fi drama.

Chef’s Table
Season 5 Premiere, Friday, Sept. 28
Hungry for a fifth course? The visually stunning docuseries from creator David Gelb (Jiro Dreams of Sushi) profiles a new lineup of culinary superstars shaking up the cooking world in exciting and provocative ways. Whet your appetite by exploring the passions that drive these talented chefs from around the globe.

Nappily Ever After
Friday, Sept. 21
For her entire life, Violet Jones (Sanaa Lathan) has been taking care of her hair: relaxing, straightening, conditioning, clarifying… all of it. Much like her mane, everything else in her life is under control too: She’s rocking a successful career as an advertising executive, and her handsome doctor boyfriend Clint (American Gods’ Ricky Whittle) seems poised to propose.

But when he doesn’t, and then she gets kicked off a critical campaign at work, Violet begins to reexamine her priorities and the motivations behind them. Will going natural lead to a new way of life? Based on the bestselling book by Trisha R. Thomas, Nappily Ever After is a rom-com about a woman finally learning to let her hair (and her guard) down as she takes full control of her destiny .

Nappily Ever After

Nappily Ever After

Maniac - Netflix

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