Is ‘The Proposal’ Couple Michael & Ashley Still Together?

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There was a little twist this week on The Proposal.

The mystery gentleman behind the bedazzled pod was actually a familiar face! Michael Neely was a bachelor looking for love on the ABC dating show a few weeks ago and now he’s back to find his soul mate.

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And as he said in his promo, his great-grandfather proposed to his great-grandmother three times before she accepted, so this Los Angeles native is ready to do whatever it takes!

After the first impression round, the seven women moving forward were: Ashley J., Ashley H., Inessa, Sierra, Casandra, Toya, and Jasmyn.

Then, as fans know, was the second round in the competition, and the single ladies donned their finest beachwear while revealing what’s important to them in a life partner. There was some cheerleading and soul bearing on stage but Jasmyn, Ashley J., Casandra, and Toya were the four women who moved on.

After Michael was able to ask more intimate questions about past relationships, having kids, and if a one night stand is a good idea, he chose to pursue Casandra, Jasmyn, and Ashley J.

Up next was the family round! Michael’s cousin Brandon came on stage to ask follow up relationship questions.

Jasmyn and Ashley J. ended up being Michael’s final two women and he got down one one knee and proposed in front of the studio audience to Ashley, the contestant from Sacramento, California who’s a poet and a model, according to Instagram.

Sadly, not all good things last. Ashley and Michael are not still together. They “have loved getting to know each other, but have ultimately decided they are better off as friends,” the show’s Twitter revealed.

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