First Look: Josh Groban Rocks Out on ‘Life in Pieces’ (PHOTO)

Life in Pieces
Neil Jacobs/CBS
Josh Groban, Niall Cunningham, Hunter King

Moms, pull up the fainting couch—the velvet-voiced Josh Groban will appear on the February 11 episode of CBS’s Life in Pieces.

There’s trouble in teen paradise when Tyler (Niall Cunningham, center) and his girlfriend, Clementine (Hunter King), visit a guitar store and encounter Ian, a sexy salesman (Groban) who has the hots for Clementine.

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“We needed someone not only confident as a musician but also capable of playing a jerk with a little gusto,” says executive producer Justin Adler. “In real life, Josh is unbelievably humble and kind, so hopefully he had fun playing against type.”

Groban also shows off an…interesting accent for his customers. “It was actually Josh’s idea that Ian would use a fake accent to impress customers. We brought a dialect coach to set, and it was so impressive to watch Josh have full command not only of the comedic material, but also of the nuances of [switching between] an Irish and Scottish accent,” Adler shared. “Josh put himself out there and absolutely nailed it.”

Life in Pieces, Thursday, Feb. 11, 8:30/7:30c, CBS