‘American Idol’: 5 Audition Highlights From the Premiere & More Thoughts (POLL)

ABC/Adam Rose
Dennis Lorenzo auditions in the 'American Idol' premiere

Sunday night marked a monumental return for singing competition American Idol.

The show, which has undergone a makeover with new judges—Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan—and a new network (ABC), is proof the series can still hit some sweet notes 16 years after its original debut on Fox.

WATCH: 10 of the Best 'American Idol' Auditions EverSee Also

WATCH: 10 of the Best 'American Idol' Auditions Ever

As a new age of 'American Idol' begins, we look back on some of the best past auditions.

But it isn’t just the judges who are winning fans over, it’s the unparalleled talent that is walking through those famed audition doors, hoping for a golden ticket to Hollywood.

In the March 11 premiere, viewers witnessed talent from all over auditioning in Los Angeles, New York City, Savannah, and New Orleans. They also learned about Perry’s secret talent of imitating a frog, saw Bryan tune a contestant’s guitar, and heard Richie’s alpaca trauma. Perry also gave one contestant the thrill of a lifetime with a big smooch, while a viral star got a chance at redemption.

Some of these highlights and more are featured in our top 5 audition picks below.

1. Noah Davis

2. Dennis Lorenzo

3. Catie Turner

4. Alyssa Raghu

5. Benjamin Glaze

Who was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below, and share your stance about the Idol reboot our poll.

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