WATCH: Bravo Reveals Newest Spinoff ‘Southern Charm New Orleans’

Southern Charm New Orleans - Season 1
Virginia Sherwood/Bravo
SOUTHERN CHARM NEW ORLEANS -- Pictured: (l-r) Reagan Charleston, Jeff Charleston, Jon Moody, Barry Smith, Tamica Lee, Justin Reese

Bravo’s newest spinoff series, Southern Charm New Orleans, is more than just booze, beads and jazz beats.

“This series will follow an elite circle of friends who were born into prominent families and live a New Orleans’ lifestyle of exclusive parties where you know everyone and everyone knows you,” Bravo revealed in a press release.

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Divorce, drunk and disorderly conduct, rehab ... and that's just Luann's storyline.

“Although this social group lives in a world filled with lavish parties and exclusive invites, underneath the life of luxury brews a multitude of shocking secrets that could rock the foundation of long-standing friendships.”

And the cast is vying for both most-dramatic and best-looking accolades. We have Tamica Le, who’s an morning news journalist, and her husband entrepreneur Barry Smith. There’s also longtime bachelor Justin Reese, and retired NFL player Jeff Charleston and his sassy wife Reagan Charleston. Plus, artist Jon Moody, who has the most insane 12-pack you’ll ever see in your life.

The new show is sure to have people talking—and drinking.

Watch the trailer below:

Southern Charm New Orleans, Season One premiere, Sunday, April 15, 9/8c, Bravo