The 10 Funniest Times Celebs Let Loose at the Critics’ Choice Awards

Critics Choice Awards - Gina Rodriguez

critics choice, logoWho says all award shows have to be stiff and boring? At more industry-driven awards, like the Critics’ Choice, even if celebs are still dressed to the nines, they have free reign to get (a little) sloshed on alcohol and speak slightly more off the cuff. See how some of the TV stars showed off their boozy and bubbly selves.

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The Wiz Live! Cast Puckers Up With Some Love

Eden Sher Shows She’s Still Caught in “The Middle”

Gina Rodriguez, Reggie Watts and James Corden Get Fierce

Let the games begin! #criticschoice #safiyaa #pascualeBruni

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The Jane the Virgin Cast Go in for a Group Shot

Jay Duplass Shows Off His…”See Food”

Rachel Bloom Gets Starstruck Over Survivor Host Jeff Probst

Psyched to have won but also psyched to be sitting next to Jeff Probst!!!

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Jeffrey Tambor Is “Transparent” About Loving His Drink

Constance Wu Shares Her #Duckface

Josh Peck Grins, John Stamos Grimaces

Bryan Cranston Went All “Breaking Bad” With His Bubbly