Stuff We Love Right Now: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, Streaming & More

Sarah Drew

BITE-SIZE BINGE: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s B-team

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Get to know the latest batch of surgical interns at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital (like Dr. Vik Roy, played by Rushi Kota, below, with director Sarah Drew and costar Kelly McCreary) with these new digital shorts. Each two-and-a-half-minute episode in the six-part series takes a comedic look at Grey’s Anatomy’s ambitious newbies’ first days as interns, highlighting their struggles to be recognized for their hard work. Let’s just say, it’s going to take more than a little charm to win over the staff. —Julia Siegel, Researcher

A STREAMING DREAM: ‘American Vandal’

American Vandal

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Looking for your next true-crime series and comedy? This parody of the often-gruesome genre explores the consequences of a high school prank that left 27 faculty cars vandalized with an obscene image. Senior Dylan Maxwell (Jimmy Tatro, above right, with Tyler Alvarez) got expelled for the prank, but did he get the shaft? American Vandal will have you cracking up while trying to solve the mystery. —Jennifer Halper, Photo Editor

Technologic: Samsung IconX Earbuds

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Technically, these new Bluetooth earbuds are designed for fitness buffs who need sweat-proof, wire-free gear that stays put during a workout. But I feel zero guilt using them to stream TV on my iPad—they’re perfect for the mad dash between the couch and the kitchen. —Aubry D’Arminio, Senior Writer

Reading Material: ‘Two Kinds of Truth’ by Michael Connelly

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While we wait for the fourth season of Bosch on Amazon Prime, let me recommend the terrific page-turners that introduced hard-boiled Los Angeles cop Harry Bosch (played by Titus Welliver in the series). The 20th volume in Michael Connelly’s series is a doozy, with Harry going undercover to expose an opioid ring. I really hope they get to film this one. —Matt Roush, Senior Critic