MTV Won’t Celebrate New Year’s Eve, Perhaps for the First Time in its History

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MTV won’t celebrate New Year’s Eve, perhaps for the first time in its history

Rather than celebrate New Year’s Eve with a live special, MTV will show a Ridiculousness marathon, interrupted at midnight by a six-minute Teen Wolf teaser. According to Variety, “MTV is believed to have aired New Year’s Eve-specific programming every year since its debut in 1981, when it carried the New Year’s Eve Rock ‘N’ Roll Ball.”

Why Making a Murderer is the most important TV show since The Wire

Jason Whitlock says Netflix’s true-crime documentary series shares similarities with HBO’s critically acclaimed The Wire. “David Simon’s Wire explored the predatory impact of unrestrained capitalism combined with a war on drugs loosed on one of America’s most economically vulnerable, black cities. The Wire told real-life fiction from a street perspective. (Making a Murderer) explores the predatory impact of unrestrained criminal-justice punishment loosed on an economically vulnerable, wrong-side-of-the-tracks white family. (Making a Murderer) is non-fiction told from a courtroom perspective.” PLUS: Making a Murderer outshines HBO’s The Jinx, and it’s true crime for an era (rightfully) skeptical of true crime.

The Flash
bringing back Matt Letscher as the Reverse-Flash

Letscher will reprise his role as Barry’s nemesis, also known as Eobard Thawne.

Narcos makes its third showrunner change

The showrunner who replaced the one from the first season is out as work begins on Season 2 of the Netflix series.

Fox unveils American Idol’s final season opening sequence

In addition to posting an emotional first five minutes of Season 15, Fox put up a preview of Kanye West’s audition.

Martin Sheen is out of the hospital after heart-bypass surgery

“Look who got up and walked himself out of the hospital yesterday!” The West Wing alum’s son Emilio Estevez tweeted this morning.

Pretty Little Liars casts Toby’s mystery woman

Kara Royster will play Yvonne.

Science Channel is marathoning every MythBusters episode in order

The “mega-marathon” starts tonight and ends Jan. 3.

Here are the January premiere dates

Fox’s midseason begins on Jan. 3 with Bordertown and Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life.

The Leftovers’ Damon Lindelof picks his 10 favorite TV shows of 2015

This year, Lindelof loved watching Review, Fargo, Game of Thrones, South Park and Mr. Robot. PLUS: The Leftovers sums up the story of this strange, great, busy year in TV.

The best TV characters of 2015

Jessica Huang, Rebecca Bunch, Titus Andromedon and, of course, Cookie Lyon were among the most memorable TV characters this year. PLUS: The best TV episodes of 2015.

Santa Claus is real on these 10 TV series

Doctor Who, Home Improvement and Buffy the Vampire Slayer all considered Santa real.

Wicked City’s unaired episodes are now available on Hulu

The canceled ABC drama’s final Episodes 4 through 7 can now be streamed, with one more episode yet to be made available.

Josh Elliott exits NBC Sports

The former Good Morning America anchor is leaving NBC after less than two years.

TV showrunners reveal what they binge-watched this year

Aziz Ansari enjoyed binging on Nathan For You, while Game of Thrones’ creators watched Mr. Robot and Rick and Morty.

Presenting the 37 most beautiful TV shots from 2015

From Fargo to Daredevil to House of Cards.

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