‘The Daily Show’ Staff is Divided Over Chris Brown Booking

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The Daily Show staff is divided over Chris Brown booking

Tuesday’s scheduled interview with the controversial R&B singer has caused controversy behind the scenes of the Comedy Central show, according to The Daily Beast. So much so that host Trevor Noah — whose mother was abused by his father — called an “all-hands meeting” Monday to assure his staff that he would conduct a comprehensive interview about domestic violence. But some staffers tell The Daily Beast that they feel Noah isn’t ready for such a tough interview.

Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz file their own lawsuit over Bones profits

They join two other producers in filing lawsuits against 20th Century Fox, claiming they were shortchanged “tens of millions of dollars” in profits.

David Letterman is giving Ball State University his late-night memorabilia, including Emmy Awards

Letterman’s college alma mater, which already has a building named after him, will house The David Letterman Experience, comprising props and sets from Late Night and The Late Show.

Newly released Hillary Clinton e-mail reveals her trouble finding Homeland on TV

On Oct. 7, 2012, the night of the Season 2 “Beirut is Back” episode, then-Secretary of State Clinton e-mailed her staffers with “Stupid question” in the subject line. “Hey,” Clinton wrote, “I need some help: Do you know what channel on the TV in DC is the program listing? And, specifically, what channel number is Showtime?” In a follow-up e-mail, she added: “Because I want to watch Homeland.”

Reddi-wip succeeds Walmart as The Wiz Live!‘s sponsor

The dairy topping will serve as key sponsor for this year’s NBC live musical. Walmart was the key sponsor for The Sound of Music Live! and Peter Pan Live!

Fresh Off the Boat calls out the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for Ang Lee’s 1996 Golden Globes snub

The ABC comedy has released a “for your consideration” video on behalf of the then-director of The Sense and Sensibility.

Gotham casts Lori Petty

The former Tank Girl, who’s currently starring on Orange Is the New Black, will play “the flamboyant and enigmatic hostess of an underground club where mass murder and art are celebrated in equal measure.” PLUS: Breaking Bad alum Michael Bowen is also headed to Gotham as Matches Malone.

Holland Taylor played a bisexual mom on Two and a Half Men, but she’s a lesbian in real life

The actress, who revealed last week she’s been in a long-term relationship with a woman, said: “No, I haven’t come out because I am out. I live out.”

Degrassi: New Class opening credits remixes the old theme

Check out the new 30-second opening sequence.

Rosewood adds Sherri Shepherd

The View alum will recur as the new “confident, flirty, playful, smart, wise-cracking” medical examiner.

Rob Lowe and Amy Poehler are each getting Hollywood Walk of Fame stars within days of each other

The former Parks and Rec co-stars will have their star ceremonies five days apart, with Poehler’s scheduled for Dec. 3 and Lowe’s for Dec. 8.

Breaking Bad considered killing off Hank in Season 1

Vince Gilligan says of his initial plan: “I was ready, willing to throw the kitchen sink at it, because I was afraid we wouldn’t hold people’s attention.”

Billy Campbell is returning to crime for a Canadian drama

The Killing alum wills tar on CTV’s Cardinal.

’s Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch reunite for a holiday ad

Watch them sing the 12 Stinks of Christmas for Febreze.

Fargo, Black-ish, You’re the Worst and The Leftovers are defying the sophomore jinx

While other critically acclaimed shows have suffered in Season 2 — from Empire to The Last Man on Earth — these four returning shows have stepped up their game in their sophomore season.

Seinfeld’s apartment is coming to Los Angeles

Hulu will put the “Seinfeld: The Apartment” display on Melrose Avenue in time for Festivus.

Patton Oswalt joins the Mystery Science Theater 3000 revival

He’ll play “TV’s son of TV’s Frank.”

Here’s the first trailer at Younger Season 2

Sutton Foster’s TV Land series returns Jan. 13.

Julianna Margulies publishes her first children’s book

The Good Wife star’s Three Magic Balloons is based on a story inspired by her dad.

Superstore has great sets, a great premise but bad execution

NBC’s new big-box comedy, says Hank Stuever, “plays mostly like a pitch for a much more clever show that never materializes.” He adds that a “viewer could easily get the feeling that the entire cast is just one blown audition away from actually having to seek retail work — and that, too, would be a funnier idea for a joke than anything seen here.” PLUS: It’s trying to recreate The Office in a big-box store, it’s funny for a network comedy, there’s a lot of potential to say something more profound, it thinks it’s not condescending when actually it is, and America Ferrera talks about her return to TV.