Rob Lowe Slammed for His Insensitive Tweets on the Paris Attacks

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Rob Lowe slammed for his insensitive tweets on the Paris attacks

The Grinder star sent several tweets mocking France and its president’s response to today’s tragedy, resulting in a Twitter backlash. When French President Francois Hollande spoke, Lowe tweeted: “Oh, NOW France closes its borders. #Hollande” and “This is either the worst translation of an important speech ever, or one of the worst ever given. #Hollande.”

HBO’s plan to show U2’s Paris concert live on Saturday has been scrapped

U2 and HBO say they’ll proceed with the concert, which was to air in the United States on Saturday night, at an “appropriate time.”

NBC cancels live Undateable episode in wake of Paris attacks

A repeat of Undateable will air instead, while Dateline’s 10 pm has been redubbed Dateline: Terror In Paris.

CBS News will proceed with airing a Democratic presidential debate Saturday in primetime

The focus of the questions, of course, will shift to the Paris attacks.

Wicked City becomes this fall’s first new show to be yanked off the air

The Ed Westwick drama is done after three very low-rated episodes.

Peter Capaldi had knee surgery for the same Doctor Who injury his predecessor Matt Smith suffered

Like Smith, Capaldi damaged his meniscus membrane following an accident during filming. PLUS: Capaldi wants his new Who companion to have a “working class voice.”

“Paris Geller” hopes to be part of Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival

Liza Weil, now on How to Get Away with Murder, says: “I haven’t heard that I’m not coming back. I just haven’t officially signed on. I hope to be a part of it!”

John Mulaney makes his “Comeback” on Netflix

The former Mulaney star is out with a new special, titled The Comeback Kid.

Netflix engineers re-configured a ‘50s TV set that can stream Netflix in black and white

It was all part of Netflix’s annual Hack Day.

Nashville’s Clare Bowen explains why she cut her hair

Bowen says she was inspired by a girl who thought you needed long hair to be a princess.

Margaret Cho recalls urging Ken Jeong to drop out of med school

Cho, who plays Jeong’s sister tonight on Dr. Ken, thought he’d do better pursuing stand-up full-time.

SNL veteran of 1 season John Milhiser now has a web series called Dog Walkers

Milhiser, who was dumped following the 2013-14 season has enlisted a bevy of big names for his dog walking adventure series.

Fargo made its most ambitious step forward this week

The FX drama has become the coolest and weirdest place on TV.

Madam Secretary has become the anti-Scandal

The Tea Leoni series is everything the Shonda Rhimes drama isn’t, says Michael Starr — “well-written, with believable characters dealing maturely with topical world events — and nary a ridiculous ‘gladiator’ in sight.”

Is Homeland’s Carrie Mathison the most influential character of this decade?

As Todd VanDerWerff points out, “networks are still trotting out Carrie Mathison replicants, four years after Homeland debuted, and television as a whole has subsumed the character into its DNA in other ways.”

WGN America’s Outsiders gets a January premiere date, full trailer

The drama about an ultra-rural family debuts on Jan. 26.

The Walking Dead’s Alanna Masterson becomes a mom

Masterson and her boyfriend have welcomed a daughter.

Into the Badlands is a perfectly average TV show, but it looks out of place on AMC

The futuristic martial-arts saga is the most ordinary drama that AMC has ever picked up. As Mike Hale notes, “With The Walking Dead, AMC took comic-book material and elevated it, stretched its narrative and thematic limits, for better and for worse. It’s done a similar thing with genre shows like Rubicon and Hell on Wheels. Into the Badlands is a different and more common beast — it’s an original drama conceived in comic-book terms, like most of the shows on channels like TNT or Syfy.” PLUS: Into the Badlands stumbles when it’s not fighting, and it doesn’t need anything other than its cool fight scenes.

Netflix’s W/ Bob & David is perfectly suited for Mr. Show fans

Bob Odenkirk and David Cross have maintained their comedic sensibility in the four-episode Netflix series. PLUS: No one asked for and no one really needed this, everybody’s back as you remembered it, and Odenkirk and Cross talk about their reunion.