NBC Reviving Steven Spielberg’s ‘Amazing Stories’ with ‘Hannibal’ Producer

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NBC reviving Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories with Hannibal producer

Spielberg won’t be involved in Bryan Fuller’s reboot of the horror/fantasy anthology series that ran on NBC from 1985 to 1987. This will be Fuller’s first project with NBC since the cancellation of Hannibal.

Jon Stewart is now a vegetarian

“I know! It’s recent! It’s all happening!” reveals Tracey Stewart, Jon Stewart’s vegan animal-loving wife. “He’s nervous about saying it publicly, because he doesn’t want to mess up. But he really is trying to figure out what vegetarian foods he likes, and I’m helping him with that.”

Simon Cowell: I’ve asked American Idol to end with me sweeping the floor

“I kind of want a cameo role,” says the America’s Got Talent judge. “I’m sure I’ll be there on the night. And it’s going to be an emotional night. It’s going to bring back a lot of good memories.”

Ben Carson: I’m never going on SNL

“I think the presidency of the United States is a very serious thing,” says the Republican presidential candidate, who’s polling at No. 2 after Donald Trump. “I don’t even want to begin to put it in the lightness of comedy.”

CBS gives Limitless a full-season, orders 6 more Code Black scripts

Limitless has been “one of the most promising rookie performers this fall,” according to Variety.

ABC cuts Blood and Oil to 10 episodes

The struggling Sunday drama was originally ordered for 13 episodes.

NBC developing I Love Lakshmi, an Indian-American family comedy

I Love Lakshmi follows an American man, his Indian-American wife and her immigrant parents.

The Player’s order trimmed to 9 episodes

The Wesley Snipes drama has been struggling in the ratings.

The Walking Dead boss insists there’s no “One Black Guy at a Time” rule

One Walking Dead fan asked Scott M. Gimple, “Will there ever be more than one strong African-American male character?” His response: “No deal, no rule. This is a very difficult topic—we do, sadly, lose characters on a regular basis; it’s a part of our show. With casting, I don’t preclude anyone from the process.”

Dr. Phil visits Grandfathered

He’s playing “Dr. Bateman,” the first doctor John Stamos’ character has visited in 20 years.

Johnny Carson was born 90 years ago today

Happy birthday to The Tonight Show legend, who died a decade ago at age 79.

Yahoo spent $20 million to show 1 NFL game, and it’s treating it like the Super Bowl

Sunday’s Jaguars/Bills game will stream live from London at 6:30 am PT only on Yahoo. To promote the game, Yahoo has created a special website and a Twitter hashtag: “#WatchWithTheWorld.”

Empire went heavy on the “Latino Factor” in Season 2

Why it makes sense for Season 2 to have many Latino actors and Latino-themed storylines. PLUS: Serayah McNeill talks Tiana, and check out Empire nail polish.

Andy Samberg avoided reviews of his Emmy hosting, even though they were mostly positive

Samberg says he’ll probably hosting another awards show. “Everyone told me that the response was good,” he says, “but I stuck to my promise, even when people were telling me that it was more or less reviewed well. I still didn’t look. I did the same thing when I hosted SNL. I felt like while I was out there, it played really well in the room, which was my greatest relief.”

Take a look at SVU’s Duggar-inspired episode

Patrimonial Burden, about a famous reality TV family with 10 children, will air Nov. 4.

Tyra Banks’ and Chrissy Teigen’s FABLife has been a ratings disaster

The syndicated lifestyle talk show may not make it to a second season.

Why Jimmy Kimmel should move his show to Brooklyn

Forget that NYC late-night talk show glut: Kimmel is better suited for Brooklyn than L.A.

What is “cinematic TV”?

Watch a video describing how shows like Fargo and The Leftovers have become “cinematic.”

Fran Drescher’s The Nanny style is “having a moment”

The ‘90s are so in right now that millennials are turning to The Nanny for style inspiration.

Do The Affair writers hate Noah?

Is Noah’s lack of redeemable qualities intentional?

Go behind the scenes of Blindspot

Rolling Stone visited the NBC drama as Jaimie Alexander had her full-body tattoos applied.

Read an appreciation of Jan Hooks

The one-year anniversary of the beloved SNL alum’s death is being marked in a Grantland piece titled, “The Laughs, Pathos, and Overwhelming Talent of Jan Hooks.”

Switched at Birth star also hated her Gilmore Girls character

But Vanessa Marano hopes April Nardini, who broke up Luke and Lorelai, is brought back for the Netflix revival.