Mandy Moore Sobbed After Reading the Script for Tuesday’s ‘This Is Us’

This Is Us - Mandy Moore
Ron Batzdorff/NBC
Pictured: Mandy Moore as Rebecca

Season 2 of  NBC’s This is Us, has only just begun, and the Pierson family has us crying again. But America loves its weekly TV cryfest for the touching stories it presents and the tears it evokes.

When TV Insider sat down with star Mandy Moore, the actress had a confession: the series makes her cry, too! Moore says that she’s not immune to the series’ wonderfully cathartic storylines, crafted by series creator Dan Fogelman.

“Every script that we get, we’re floored constantly,” she shares. “I wrote Dan after I read the second script and I was like, ‘Dan, Episode 2, I’m sobbing.’ And he’s like, ‘Mandy, I think we have a toxic relationship because all I do is make you cry.’ I’m like, ‘Me and the rest of the country, Dan.’”

And Moore is grateful for the opportunity to cry and flex her acting muscles. “I think we knew from the pilot script that this was an incredibly special show.”

She explains that the show has found success because it explores the universal truth of the importance of family.

“It is fundamentally about the family dynamic and how our childhood, and our parents, and the bonds that we form with them and our siblings—if we have them—fundamentally shape who we are as people,” she says. “The good, the bad and sort of everything in between.”

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