This ‘Naked and Afraid’ Clip Will Give You the Creepy-Crawlies (VIDEO)

When you’re naked and afraid, the last thing you want is anything creeping across your skin. But during the mid-season premiere of Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid, which returns this Sunday night, one of Mother Nature’s eight-legged beasts will be crawling its way towards…someone.

After two survivalists, Gary (a married former cop and soldier) and Kim (a young single mother), both swim to the rocky beach of a jungle island located miles from the Pacific coast of Panama, they team up to make it in the wild.

But swimming cold and choppy waters may be the least of their worries as they settle down to sleep. Gary gets the eerie sense that something is lurking in the foliage, and once he closes his eyes, a huge and hairy spider comes out to play. Watch the video clip above to preview the upcoming Season 3 episode.

Naked and Afraid, mid-season premiere, Sunday, Oct. 4, 10/9c, Discovery Channel